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Sale of Girl Scout Camps in Northeast Ohio to Continue

Tweet This disappointing news was posted to our Facebook group today: Friendsof Crowellhilaka Even though 60% of the General Assembly voted this past October to stop the sales of four of our camps in Northeast Ohio, today our Board of Directors has announced that the sales will continue regardless and in spite of the membership. […]

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North Eastern Ohio Girl Scouts Camps in Limbo

Tweet A letter was recently sent out to the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio’s board. The question: “will the camps go up for sale on the first of December?” The letter was sent by members of the various “Friends” organizations of the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio camps as well as other concerned […]

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Ohio Battle Over Camps Not Done Yet

Tweet “Although the resolution to cease and desist camp sales passed by a strong majority of the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio’s General Assembly, this resolution was not an amendment to the bylaws, it was a call to action.  The actual decision is still in the hands of the board and we do not […]

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Girl Scouts of North East Ohio General Assembly Votes to Stop Sale of Camps

Tweet Of the 87 voting members of the general assembly in attendance this morning, 52 voted in a straw poll to stop the sale of the camps. This require 50% to pass, and so it did. The next amendment was to make this a permanent amendment.  This required 67% to pass.   48 voted YES and […]

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Feedback from an Ohio Girl Scout Leader

Tweet Here is an interesting post that was published by Elinor on It is interesting to read related to the camp closure/sales by Girl Scouts of North Eastern Ohio. Copy of post is below. I don’t know who wrote this opinion but they are obviously not aware of the difficulty we GS leaders have […]

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Carroll County Parks Interested in Purchasing Great Trail Camp

Tweet Soon after Girl Scouts of North East Ohio announced the plans to sell five of their camps, Carroll County Park District announced interest in acquiring the 276 acre Great Trail Camp. Read the full article at If the Council continues with their decision to sell the camp, this would be a responsible manner […]

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Great Inspirational Story About the Girl Scouts Camp

Tweet This is an email from one of the organizers of Friends of Crowell-Hilaka. It is a great and inspiration story about the impact Girl Scouts and their camps have had in one woman’s life. Rachel, thanks for sharing this with us. Readers, please consider signing the petition as Rachael says “time to make sure […]

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Not many programs gives back to the girls as much as camping

Tweet I’d like to share with you a part of an email string set off by the rumors that the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio maybe getting ready to sell five of the seven camps they currently own. I really like Corey’s comment: “Camp costs a lot of money, but it also gives the […]

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Girl Scouts of North East Ohio Maybe Selling Five Camps

Tweet While this is not officially confirmed, it was obtained from a very reliable source, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio (GSNEO) board of director’s maybe planning to announce the sale of 5 of their 7 currently owned camps. If this decision goes through, GSNEO will have sold/relinquished 11 of their 13 camps since 2009. […]

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Friends of Crowell Hilaka Partners with Historical Society

Tweet The Friends of Crowell Hilaka ( have taken an interesting approach with their efforts to save this camp owned by the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio. They have recently signed an agreement with a local historical society that will allow them to accept donations on a tax deductible basis. A recent release from […]

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