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Sale of Girl Scout Camps in Northeast Ohio to Continue

Tweet This disappointing news was posted to our Facebook group today: Friendsof Crowellhilaka Even though 60% of the General Assembly voted this past October to stop the sales of four of our camps in Northeast Ohio, today our Board of Directors has announced that the sales will continue regardless and in spite of the membership. […]

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Big Week in Efforts to Save Five Girl Scout Camps in Ohio

Tweet This is a big week for efforts to save Girl Scout camps in northern Ohio. This Saturday October 29th the board of the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio (GSNEO) at their annual meeting will vote on an amendment to re-evaluate camps. I’m anxious to see how the vote goes this Saturday and I […]

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Girl Scouts of North East Ohio Maybe Selling Five Camps

Tweet While this is not officially confirmed, it was obtained from a very reliable source, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio (GSNEO) board of director’s maybe planning to announce the sale of 5 of their 7 currently owned camps. If this decision goes through, GSNEO will have sold/relinquished 11 of their 13 camps since 2009. […]

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Several Girl Scout camps in Ohio fight for life

Tweet Several Girl Scout camps in Ohio are threatened with closure and sale. In 2007, five Girl Scout Councils were merged to form the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio Council (GSNEO) and in last June the council announced it would close eight of their 13 camps. “Council spokeswoman Shirley Leonard said times have changed since girls […]

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