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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Aren’t kids less interested in camping due to all the competition from other after school and summer activities like soccer, dance, etc.?

Tom Montgomery, LandChoices' advisory group member

Tom Montgomery

LandChoices’ advisory group member Tom Montgomery can answer that best. Tom is the father of two children who are very active in other activities but still count camping as one of their favorite activities.

Tom talks about his daughter Jessica: “In YMCA Adventure Guides, we missed every event but the camp outs. Jessica wanted to attend the camp outs.

In fact, two years later, she is still telling me that ‘I owe her a camp out’ for the camp out I had to miss!”

Tom’ son Matthew is an Eagle Scout. “Some of our best memories together was at Boy Scout summer camp. Matthew loves camping. That’s why people are in Scouting – to camp,” says Tom.

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