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About Us

It seems that almost monthly we hear about another scout camp or nature camp being put up for sale. is a project of LandChoices, a 501c3 national nonprofit land conservation organization based in Milford, Michigan. is part of LandChoices’ Big Camps program to save camps for kids. was established to provide information about how Scout and other outdoor camps can be saved from being sold for development.


The goal of is to be the premiere resource for information to save camps and to ultimately protect camps permanently with conservation easements. The camp experience increases confidence, helping kids become future leaders, conservation heroes, and successful adults and contributing members of society.

We are working to save and preserve camps to connect children with nature, provide the opportunity for them to participate in human powered activities, and to help kids benefit from personal and primary relationships.

Ken Jacobsen (Photo Coming)
Ken Jacobsen, Jr. is the editor of “I’m an adult leader (Committee Chair and Former Cub Master) for the Boy Scouts, a father of a 5th grade boy (Webelos II Scout) and 2nd grade girl (Brownie Scout), Eagle Scout, Church blog editor, nature photographer ( ), and Director of Sales & Marketing for a Microsoft Dynamics Partner ( ).

I’m the volunteer editor of this blog. I was introduced to the work of LandChoices through an article in the local paper and brochures I’d seen at local businesses. When I saw that they had launched their Big Camps camp conservation program, I felt compelled to contact them to see how I could get involved.”

Kirt Manecke

Kirt Manecke

Kirt Manecke

Kirt is the administrator of this blog and founder and volunteer president of LandChoices. He handles sales and is a publicist for a New York Time’s best-selling author, has owned successful small businesses, and served as executive director for a northern Michigan land conservancy. Kirt also runs his own public relations/Web firm (

“Ken and I started to help put a halt to the preventable sale of these irreplaceable outdoor camps for kids.

Through our objective is to help the people making the ultimate decisions on these camps learn innovative land protection and fundraising methods that create a win-win situation for their programs and the camps.” is a project of LandChoices, an independent, all volunteer 501c3 national nonprofit organization.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Aren’t kids less interested in camping due to all the competition from other after school and summer activities like soccer, dance, etc.?

Tom Montgomery

Tom Montgomery

LandChoices’ advisory group member Tom Montgomery can answer that best. Tom is the father of two children who are very active in other activities but still count camping as one of their favorite activities.

Tom talks about his daughter Jessica: “In YMCA Adventure Guides, we missed every event but the camp outs. Jessica wanted to attend the camp outs. In fact, two years later, she is still telling me that ‘I owe her a camp out’ for the camp out I had to miss!”

Tom’ son Matthew is an Eagle Scout. “Some of our best memories together was at Boy Scout summer camp. Matthew loves camping. That’s why people are in Scouting – to camp,” says Tom.

In the News
“Anti Sprawl LandChoices founder Kirt Manecke is setting a conservation landmark in his quest to save thousands of acres of Boy Scout owned open space from pavement…It is a cause all conservationists should enlist in.”
The North Woods Call, “The NEWSpaper for people who love the North”

Thank You
Thank you to Alan Charlesworth for the use of his wonderful photograph of the Camp Fleischmann Boy Scout Camp (Nevada Area Council) on our masthead. If you look closely, you can see Alan’s campsite at left and the camp docks at right.