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Save Your Camp Toolkit

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Tips to Save Camps
Visit our “Tips to Save Camps” category on this blog to learn how others saved their camps.

Hear from experts about improving your council and board to bring in revenue, and how to put together a group to save your camp.
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Council and Board Assistance
Advice to improve your councils and boards.
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Form a Group to Save Your Camp
Advice from experts who put together groups to save their camp.
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Preserve Your Camp
Conserve Your Camp
Learn what a land trust, or land conservancy, is and how to protect your camp land.

Examples of Camps Saved
Natural Lands Trust preserves 1,500 acres of Boy Scout Camp land

Why Save Camps?
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Tips To Save Camps
Tips to Save Camps from our blog post archives

Additional Marketing, Fundraising Information, More
Links to Additional Resources
Books, public speaking, newsletters, e-newsletters, PR (public relations), how to write press releases, marketing, website best practices, fundraising training, grant writing, free website builders, free online petitions, and more.

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