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Sale of Girl Scout Camps in Northeast Ohio to Continue

This disappointing news was posted to our Facebook group today:

Even though 60% of the General Assembly voted this past October to stop the sales of four of our camps in Northeast Ohio, today our Board of Directors has announced that the sales will continue regardless and in spite of the membership.

Then I received this email:

To: Friends of Crowell Hilaka; trefoil
Subject: [FriendsOfCrowellHilaka] Property Decision & Donation Request to Save Our Local Girl Scout Camps

Hello All,

I came home from a Girl Scout meeting to find Joan Villareal and the Board’s response. I am so sorry to see the Boards’ lack of respect for the membership who came together with thoughtful solutions and the delegates who worked tirelessly to bring all your suggestions to the leadership. We came to the meeting asking for a re-evaluation with accurate numbers, a fair evaluation using a proper reservation system, and the decision made in a transparent environment. All these points were called out in the amendment, that won by 60% (80% if you only count the delegate votes). The Board continued to use flawed data, inaccurate counts, and still made their decision behind closed doors. I know if I had a daughter in the program, I would be seriously concern having such leadership as role models. Your girls deserve better, they deserve democracy, they deserve to be heard.

I want you to know that for the pass two years I have been at one of the seven camps at least 3 times a month. Every weekend, I see troops sharing cabins or hear about troops closed out. A few weeks ago I saw 4 troops share 3 houses and I personally spoke with a fifth troop that had to stay elsewhere. When they say underutilized it’s because they are using flawed data from a time when THEIR registration system was broken. Dr. Alford Smith admitted to this mistake. When the Board says it will cost $30 million to fix the properties to make them safe, they are not telling the truth. I know you all know the Board has not been completely truthful, here is you and your troop’s opportunity to show the Board that democracy is not dead and Girl Scouts hold themselves to a higher standard.

We are not done fighting this fight. We are collecting for legal funds to file an injunction. This is not a nasty fight, it’s members asking to see the facts and numbers. We want the Board to share with the membership what we deserved to have been able to see all along. We need roughly $20,000. What a coincidence that roughly 20,000 girls camped last year. Please, gather your troop and ask for $1 – $2 from each girl. Together we can save our camps! We can save GSNEO from destroying itself.

Yours in Girl Scouting, Corey Ann.

Finally: I received a great campaign/donation request letter from a politician and seeing it was so well said that I had to borrow some of the wording!

Quick favor to ask you – do you each have $200 you could donate to save our camps? Probably not, right? But that doesn’t mean your donation can’t help save ALL the camps.

You can make a real impact for the price of a few boxes of cookies. Many of your fellow Girl Scouts have donated to our legal fund. But we still have a ways to go – so please join them by contributing $10 or whatever you can afford right now! (Even $1-$2 from each girl in your troop)

By hitting our $20,000 goal, we will send an unmistakable message to the GSNEO Board of Directors that we are willing to invest in our camps, girls, and local communities. It tells the GSNEO Board of Directors we are willing to contribute to our camps.

You don’t have to contribute all of that yourself. Just $10 would be a huge help, so please give now! To donate, please visit (yellow donate button at the bottom of page) or send checks made out to Richfield Historical Society (memo: Camps) and send to 3907 Broadview Road, Richfield, OH 44286.

Please help us meet this goal to cover legal fees to save the camps. And again, thank you for supporting your local camps.

Corey Ann Ringle

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