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We Absolutely Love Our Cookie Sale, Our Camps and Our Crafts

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois CEO Diane Nelson is quoted in a nice article “Girl Scouts turn 100” in The Quad-City Times on November 29th about their fundraiser A Night on Broadway and the GSUSA program in general. “We absolutely love our cookie sale, our camps and our crafts as they’re a very important part of our organization,” Diane Nelson.
I like the article. I think it does a good job talking about the program in which my daughter is a Brownie. However, it is ironic that Nelson is quoted earlier this year in an article titled “Fewer Girl Scouts at Camps, Closure a Possibility” from July 27th. The article says that if camp usage doesn’t improve, the council may limit programming, temporarily close or even sell one or more its four camps.
The article quotes Nelson saying: “We have to make sure (the camps) are continuing to be used,” said Diane Nelson, CEO of the council, which covers Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Decorah and the Quad Cities. “If they’re not, we’ll have to look at other possibilities.”
The article published in July has some interesting information about things the Council is doing to improve camp attendance including blogs, more marketing activities and a new program to allow girls to camp with their troops instead of the former format of registering as individuals and going alone. The July article also says that the success of these changes will be watched and used in the determination of how camp programs are structured in the summer of 2012. Then in 2013, the council will review properties again to decide if any need to be closed and possibly sold.
I hope Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois do love their camps and that they are able to increase attendance. It sounds promising from the steps they are doing to turn the declining attendance trend around. So Girl Scouts and their leaders in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, please remember the best way to keep your camps open: “Use Them or Lose Them!”

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