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Ohio Battle Over Camps Not Done Yet

“Although the resolution to cease and desist camp sales passed by a strong majority of the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio’s General Assembly, this resolution was not an amendment to the bylaws, it was a call to action.  The actual decision is still in the hands of the board and we do not know if they will honor the wishes of the members,” explained Lynn Richardson in an email to

The amendments to the GSNEO bylaws to give the General Assembly say over the sale of camps received a majority of votes, but not the needed two thirds.  Therefore, the membership still does not have a guaranteed say in setting direction and priorities of the council and the future of it’s camps are still uncertain. There were also some disturbing issues during the meeting conveyed in Lynn’s email: 

First – new, board-appointed delegates were added to the roster even after the special meeting was called. There was no opportunity to contact them in advance. It is doubtful that even their constituents knew them well.

Second – the chair announced that delegates speaking to a resolution would only be given ONE MINUTE at the microphone.   – Including the resolution sponsor.  He was challenged by the delegates & he granted 10 minutes.  But with each resolution, he went back to announcing the one minute rule & each time he had to be corrected. 

Third – the board refuse to allow the assembly to elect a full complement of board members.  They didn’t want too many “greenbloods” overturning their decision

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