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Cleveland Ohio BSA Council to Sell Canadian Canoe Wilderness Camp

On this blog recently there have been many stories of Ohio Girl Scout councils selling their camps, but here is a story about Ohio Boy Scouts selling one of their camps. The Greater Cleveland Council of Boy Scouts of America are selling the 10-acre Tinnerman Wilderness Canoe Base on the French River in Ontario, Canada, Scouting.

Although the article says “Unlike the outcry from volunteers earlier this year when Girl Scouts of North East Ohio announced it would sell five of its seven camps, the Boy Scout community seems to have resigned itself to the fate of the Tinnerman Wilderness Canoe Base.” It then proceeds to talk about alumni around the country trying to save the camp, which makes no sense if there is no outcry. Boy Scout members and volunteers are just as upset as their Girl Scout counter parts, so this part of the article puzzles me.

The article goes on to say: “Supporters of Tinnerman are spread across the country. Linked by an online list-serv and a website, they are looking into a number of options.

One committee member, Kevin O’Donnell of Seven Hills, is exploring the idea of forming a nonprofit foundation to own and operate the camp, while others are looking for wealthy buyers, another youth organization or even a group of alumni to purchase the camp and keep it open. O’Donnell is one of the founders of the Friends of Tinnerman and a former guide at the camp.”

Good luck Kevin with your efforts! Read the full article.

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