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Feedback from an Ohio Girl Scout Leader

Here is an interesting post that was published by Elinor on It is interesting to read related to the camp closure/sales by Girl Scouts of North Eastern Ohio.

Copy of post is below.

I don’t know who wrote this opinion but they are obviously not aware of the difficulty we GS leaders have in getting available camping space for our troops with the existing number of camps, which is only going to get harder with less space available.

I don’t know how they can declare that the camps are under-utilized when we leaders are constantly shut out of available camp locations. I’ve tried to get camp sites at Hilaka for my troop but they’re often booked far in advance and then we get shut out.

For summer camp my daughter has missed out on resident camp programs she’d like to attend because they are FULL and now there will be less of them?

These girls work very hard making the council A Lot of money by selling cookies and fall product (cookies, nuts, magazines etc.) and the individual troops see very little of that money – most of it stays in the council, reportedly for GS programming, but now they are closing 5 great camps (two of these camps are ones our girls have used and participated in) so what kind of programming are they talking about? High salaries for the CEO who was never a scout and never a GS leader? A fancy building in Macedonia? A “leadership center” planned at one of the 2 camps that will remain? What about the girls who want to just simply CAMP and learn how to make cheesecake on a campfire in a dutch oven, who want to be grossed out by using a latrine but still use it, and spend time camping with their troop and friends? These are the folks really losing here.

The survey they are referring to about indoor bathrooms and showers was slanted and the results are being skewed. They did not ask girls or their leaders what they actually wanted in camping, they gave them a list and asked them to rate which they’d like to see. If given a list that includes cabins with bathrooms AND platforms tents and latrines yes, most would rate the cabins higher BUT that doesn’t mean that the girls don’t want the tents and latrines. What they want is BOTH which is what they have NOW – but what council will take away.

The leadership of the combined GSNEO has been a huge disappointment to the girl scout troops that they are supposed to be supporting and the girls will suffer for it. But at least they won’t spend that million dollars (of money the girls earned selling cookies) on camps that girls have been enjoying for generations.

(my daughter will go to camp this summer, sleep in a tent and use a latrine, and I will drive nearly 60 miles to get her to camp Sugarbush, because that is where the program she wants is offered, she will have a great time, and then she and the other girls will all cry as it will be the last time)

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