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Boy Scout Summer Camps Ending, But Western Massachusetts Camps Are Not Being Sold – At Least Not Yet

That’s right. It’s even in the three page FAQ from the Western Massachusetts Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Question: “Will WMC be selling a camp?” Answer: “We don’t know yet. This is a separate issue…Ultimately, the Executive Board will be expected to make any decision(s) in the best interest of our council and our future youth with all emotion and past loyalties put aside.” translation: You better organize now because they will be looking at selling one or both these camps soon. Too many BSA Councils are trying to sell the way out of their financial owes by cashing in on their camp lands. It’s the in thing to do unless the BSA adult volunteers get involved organized and quick. I was happy to see in the comments that someone is already setting up a Facebook group: SAVE THE MOSES SCOUT RESERVATION.

But I’m getting off track before I’ve even started this post. I’m referring to a FAQ that the Western Massachusetts Council prepared that is posted as part of the article on (BTW, awesome format with the imbedded documents in the article MASSlive, I love it.) The story tells of the closing of the summer camping programs for Boy Scouts at Chesterfield Scout Reservation and Horace A Moses Reservation.
I have to admit were I’m critical of Western Massachusetts Council shutting down these programs because of the lack of attendance thus poor revenues that resulted in deficit spending for these weeks. I’m also encouraged by the fact that they are continuing other programs at the camps which are profitable. Not-For-Profits can’t survive is they spend more than the take in. It’s a truth.

However, I also don’t see anything in the FAQ or letter about what they’ve been doing in the last 10 years while attendance has been declining. From the comments associated with the article, you can see there may have been some real management problems with the programs at the camps that drove Troops to other camps out of their Council. Maybe a good thing may come of this closure and the efforts to Save WMC’s camps before the real estate signs go up can revitalize their summer camp programs. It’s happened in other Councils. Good luck with your efforts and be prepared to fight the good fight and remember we’re there for the kids.

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