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Camp Munsee saved by Red-tail Conservancy!

barry red tail conservancy Camp Munsee saved by Red tail Conservancy!I received this letter below from Barry Banks, the executive director of the Red-tail Conservancy, and wanted to share it with you. Congratulations on your terrific work Barry and thank you for your note and for keeping us updated!

Barry included, under the photo of him at left that he sent me, the inspiring words, “If this guy (me) can do it, so can you.” Right on Barry!

Hey Kirt,

Here’s an extraordinary success story for you. Red-tail Conservancy has reached our goal to raise $150,000 to save Camp Munsee, the former Girl Scout camp outside Muncie,  IN. 

We have signed a sales agreement with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, and by the first of the year, we hold title to this magnificent 47-acre hardwood forest. 

butterfly camp Camp Munsee saved by Red tail Conservancy!

Once we accomplish that, we’ll convene a steering committee to plan the future of the facilities. Our vision is to turn this former camp into a community amenity, open for use by the entire community for meetings and activities of all sorts, including off-site meetings for corporations and foundations, church groups, senior citizen organization, and of course kids groups.

Hopefully, this will motive land trusts and other groups to get on their fund-raising shoes and dance the dance, walk the walk, whatever it takes to save these spectacular sites.

For the land,

Barry Banks
Executive Director
Red-tail Conservancy, Inc.

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