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Save Camp Tadma: Saving the camp that saved me

Save one of the nation’s first Cub Scout camps from being shut down” was a recent Pepsi Refresh Project to Save Camp Tadma.

On the Pepsi Web page, project leader Anthony DiNicola says, “Since I was born I have been living with Cerebral Palsy. As a scout I attended Camp Tadma in Bozrah, CT and thanks to the staff’s dedication, my condition has greatly improved over the years.

I am a college student…and am now trying to save the camp that saved me.

In November 2009, it was announced that the camp would be closing its doors because of lack of revenue. I couldn’t let this happen, so I began a campaign to renovate the waterfront site at Camp Tadma to attract more interest in the program and keep the camp operating.”

Anthony is an inspiration to all of us working to save Boy Scout camps for kids.

Learn More About Camp Tadma and How You Can Help
Save Camp Tadma official website.
Falling attendance puts Scout camp in jeopardy

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