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Efforts to Save Camp Pouch, Staten Island Paying Off

While we were discussing the creation of this blog, one point of debate was how to describe these scout and other camps in need of preservation. At first we referred to them as wilderness camps, but then we settled on youth camps because we thought “what if there was an urban camp in jeopardy of being sold.”

Little did we know that Camp Pouch on Staten Island in New York City was just such a camp and was at that very moment in jeopardy of being sold to developers. Lucky for NY Scouts and Camp Pouch, three Eagle Scouts stepped forward to form Save Pouch. Read the article “Possible sale of Boy Scouts’ William H. Pouch Scout Camp causes outcry“.

Now it looks like Camp Pouch may have gotten some relief from being developed through a debt restructuring that used the camp as collateral. Read the article “Scouts’ restructuring of debt seen as good omen for Pouch Camp“.

It was also noted in the article that New York assemblyman Michael Cusick (D-Mid-Island) also announced “he has earmarked $5 million in state Environmental Protection Fund monies toward a conservation easement for Pouch — but said the state Legislature first would have to agree to restore $44 million to the fund, which the governor is seeking to cut.”

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