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Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp welcomes Today show

The Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp in Fort Hill, Pennsylvania welcomes the Today show’s Amy Robach in this fun video below. Amy Robach takes her daughters to a YMCA camp where families have gone for more than 50 years to get away from ringing phones and televisions to commune with nature, and each other.

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Website Tip
I love the Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp website (although, and this is a good take away for other camp websites, I’d put a more prominent “Donate Now” button on the Web pages for people who are ready to donate-I’m under the impression this camp may not need money by their almost hidden contribute link-a common error by many nonprofits. From the looks of their wish list I think this camp does want funds).

Their Deer Valley Conservancy program “dedicated to annual giving for the purpose of improving Deer Valley YMCA Camp!” is a great fundraising idea for sustainability that I’d encourage other camps to implement.

Learn More
Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp on Facebook.

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