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{ Monthly Archives } April 2011

Free Book Will Be Made Available to Help Save Pouch Scout Camp

Tweet Here is another great idea of a way to help promote the preservation of a camp in peril of being lost, publish a book.  I can’t wait to get my copy and wish the Friends of Camp Pouch great success with their book and preservation efforts.

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Girl Scouts of Iowa and Western Illinois Hold Property Chat

Tweet The Girl Scouts of Iowa and Western Illinois according to an article The Decorah Newspapers held a recent property chat presentation. Read Article. Their camps local attendance has been declining since 2008 due to a rise in camp cost. Although there are options to finance camp, declining attendance was also partly the result of […]

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Girl Scout Camp Singing Hills Auctioned Off

Tweet In mid-April, the 238 acre former camp Singing Hills of the Girls Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michigan was sold at auction. Read Article. The new owners said they plan to keep the site intact for some years, but may build a cabin or single family residence. One of the major purchasers, Charlie Kline said “as […]

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Camp Belzer Rebuilds Center Lost In Fire

Tweet Here is an article about Camp Belzer rebuilding a building that burned to the foundation six months ago. Near 100,000 scouts and volunteers had used this center in the past seven years since it was built. The fire was started by “solvent-soaked cleaning pads and clothes spontaneously catching fire in a trash can.” Many […]

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