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{ Monthly Archives } October 2010

Girl Scout Camp Thunderbird in Montana closed

Tweet Another Girl Scout camp was decommissioned west of Helena, Montana. They even held a ceremony that was described like funeral by the writer, but I don’t see anything in the article about this 40 acre Camp Thunderbird Girl Scout camp remaining a piece of heaven on earth. I hope the land will stay as a […]

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Camp Munsee saved by Red-tail Conservancy!

Tweet I received this letter below from Barry Banks, the executive director of the Red-tail Conservancy, and wanted to share it with you. Congratulations on your terrific work Barry and thank you for your note and for keeping us updated! Barry included, under the photo of him at left that he sent me, the inspiring […]

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Save camps for kids during our Make A Difference Day event, Saturday, October 23

Tweet Reminder!: You can help save Scout camps during our Make A Difference Day Event on Saturday, October 23, 2010. You can take action by joining page on Facebook, sharing this link with others to help spread the word, and contacting the media. Please help spread the word about this important event by clicking […]

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Owasippe For Sale – Chapter Three, Getaway Continues

Tweet On the second day of our hiking trip to Owasippe, we decided to hike 6 miles around Wolverine Lake. Previously, I had only hiked the north portion of the lake. However, the afternoon of our first day after our hike, Kevin and I took a canoe trip from our cabin all the way to […]


Camp Owasippe For Sale – Chapter Two, Weekend Getaway

Tweet   For the last several years I have taken an annual backpacking trip with my friend Kevin in September.  Because I was busy with my Webelo Scout son visiting the BSA National Jamboree in August and the Great Lakes Council’s Centennial Encampment in September, we decided to make take our annual trip in October […]

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